Natural Baby Foot Mask

Natural Baby Foot Mask

Natural Magic baby silk foot mask peeling

Main ingredients:
Rose oil, deionized water, hyaluronic acid, citric acid, ethanol, glycerin

Product efficacy
Deeply moisturize dry, rough skin, soften cuticle, make dead skin fall off, effectively improve foot phenomenon such as dry, rough.

Method of use
1.Wash feet and dry before use.

2.Cut conjoined foot mask set along the middle, and wear the foot mask set which with elite fluid is in.

3.Remove the foot mask after 60 minutes, wash your feet with clean water(Don't hand wash).

Use frequency
Advice once every three months, 5-7 days begin desquamate, it will be continuous 1-2 weeks, please be patient, do not tear, can solve the problem of general dead 
skin after using once.

Because of individual differences in cut in distribution, thickness, area, so the area and speed is varied from person to person, some people may peel large pieces, 
some may small pieces of peel, these all belong to the normal phenomenon;

1.Pregnant or breastfeeding, skin injury, wound, or swelling, inflammation, abnormal situation, shall not use this product; sensitive skin carefully use;

2.If start using feeling a slight tingling, itching, feet dry, wrinkled and discomfort, belongs to the normal phenomenon;

3.When peeling, do not use tear with hands, otherwise, you will take off the tender skin;

4.When using skin discomfort, please stop using;

5.Store in a cool and dry place and can not be reached by children;

6.After opening please use immediately.

Shelf life2 Years

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